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2011-08-22 Beta 9 released

Beta 9 fixes a failure in H2 triggers for in-database LOBs introduced in H2 1.3

2010-07-19 Beta 8 released

Beta 8 supports H2 1.2, adds a method to directly determine the bounds of a spatial index and adds support for Java 6 as well as Java 5

2010-03-11 Beta 7 released

Beta 7 fixes an issues with H2 triggers and adds source plugin to pom

2010-01-05 Beta 6 released

Beta 6 improves exception handling during index creation. The UI also adds a log view tab to examine logged exceptions

SRID -1 enabled for compatibility with PostGIS.

2009-12-23 UI update released

hatbox-ui 1.0.b5a adds index visualization to the administrative functions released earlier.

2009-12-21 Beta 5 released

Beta 5 fixes a serious bug in acquiring a write lock for H2

2009-12-20 UI tool released

The first release of the Hatbox UI tool is out. Screenshots are here

2009-12-19 Beta 4 released

Beta 4 fixes a serious bug (newly spatialized table has incorrect index status) and introduces a change to the Proc.buildIndex API to enable progress monitoring. The build index change is need for the soon to be released UI tool.

2009-12-14 Beta 3 released

Beta 3 is a major refactoring of the index node structure and index caching.

All existing index tables need to be removed and tables re-spatialized

Justin Deoliveira of OpenGeo is working on a current generation GeoTools datasource for Hatbox H2, so in future the datasource will be published through GeoTools. Thanks Justin ☺

2009-09-09 Beta 2 released

Beta 2 is the first release of the geotools DataSource for Hatbox Derby and Hatbox H2

2009-09-05 Beta 1 released

Beta 1 of the core Hatbox code has been released. A beta geotools datasource will follow soon.

A quick start page is available, but the reference manual is still in preparation.